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Online Confectionery Rolls Out Kosher Truffles

Not near Washington, D.C.? You can still try the handmade, kosher treats of Dear Coco.

By Mali Krantz
Fall 2012

Mauna Loa Salted Caramel, Peruvian Peanut and Tahiti Lime. If these exotic flavor combinations intrigue you, we have some good news. These are among the varieties of elegant, handmade truffles from Dear Coco, a new online confectionery. What distinguishes these truffles is not only their delicious flavors, but that they are certified kosher and pareve. The woman behind the truffles is Rachelle Ferneau, already known for the elegant pastries she creates at her kosher bakery in Potomac, Md. Now she’s turning her creative energy toward beautiful handmade truffles that make elegant gifts or favors for weddings or other special events.

“I created Dear Coco Chocolate as a natural extension of Eden Cake, the boutique pareve bakery I founded in 2007,” Ferneau says. She was receiving a lot of requests for kosher confections from people outside the Washington, D.C., metro area. “And I did not have confidence in the reliable shipping of layer cakes.”

The “around the world”-themed collection of chocolates is inspired by three of Ferneau’s passions: travel, chocolate and global cuisine.

“[My] truffles are named for destinations across the globe and strive to evoke the spirit and flavors of the exotic locales that inspire them,” she says. “I blend premium dark Belgian chocolate, one of the highest-quality and most sought-after chocolates, with globally sourced ingredients.”

The sweet treats, which are also gluten-free and made without preservatives, corn syrup or trans fats, have already received a rave review from Lévana Kirschenbaum, an expert in fine kosher dining.

“The texture is ideally smooth and shelf-stable, which is an express invitation to order them for friends and ourselves, as they will travel beautifully,” says Kirschenbaum, author of The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen, in her review. “I should add they are 100 percent dairy-free, making them ideally suited for kosher diners after a meat meal.”

Dear Coco features 12 signature flavors, as well as two monthly flavors. September’s flavors, Mediterranean Pomegranate and Argentine Honey, were chosen for Rosh Hashanah.

Order single-flavor boxes of six ($13.50) or 12 ($25.50) or the signature collection box featuring all 12 flavors at dearcoco.com, or call (240) 979-COCO [2626]. Boxes of three are available in bulk for special events.

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