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The Passover Dozen

You’ve heard about the 10 plagues, and the 4 questions? We’ve come up with 12 products to help you add fun and style to your Seder.

Surprising Impressions from a Women's Seder

"Hergaddah" seder provides a few pleasant, yet unexpected, experiences.

Play Ball with this Haggadah

The Baseball Haggadah uses the national pastime as a path to engaging children in the Seder’s messages.

Girls Night Out

Eliana Block, a journalism major at the University of Maryland, and an intern at Jewish Woman, offers us a glimpse of Purim—and pre-Purim—activities on her campus.

Purim gifts of food from Design Megillah8 Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Purim

From gourmet hamantaschen to books for kids, some last-minute ideas for your Purim plans.

Chanukah, Rediscovered

Lighting the Menorah was the first step in one family’s renewed relationship with Judaism.

Menorahs and Mistletoe

Making the most of the holidays with interfaith grandchildren.

Bracelets for ChangeShop & Make Change

From “gelt without guilt” to “Bracelets for Change,” to stylish lapis jewelry made by young Afghan women, you can make your Chanukah giving meaningful this year by purchasing fair-trade gifts that help women and families.

Sukkah Swag

Tapping the Waters of Wisdom

We spoke to women rabbis and religious leaders about finding spiritual nourishment in the High Holidays. Their answers are both personal and profound. 

Rx: Forgiveness

A Johns Hopkins psychiatrist tells us why letting go of grudges is good for our health.

Thoughts From a Reluctant Shul-Goer

How I found meaning at High Holiday services despite a short attention span.

A Word That Transforms the World

Find a place that ignites your spiritual self, recalibrate your own open heart and breathe deeply. With an open heart, we can accomplish so much in this world.

Finding Meaning Through Midrash

When we engage with biblical stories, says Rabbi Sandy Sasso, we often find insights and wisdom that helps us understand our own lives.

Shavuot: Revelation and Relationships

For Shavuot, Jewish Woman asked Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso about how she sees the key texts read on the holiday.

Haggadah Goes Pop

Innovative women are bringing new approaches to an age-old book.

Four New Questions for the Family Seder

A noted educator and performer poses new questions for opening up discussion among the generations at the Passover table.

New Passover Gear for Kids

Keeping young children involved and entertained is an annual Passover challenge. Here are a few products that will help.

Party Like It's Shushan

Plan a grown-up Purim party and serve these fun libations.

A Queen Discovers Her Voice

Finding the path to healthy relationships with Esther as our inspiration.

Esther in a New Context

An exhibit at the Yeshiva University Museum shows how the brave queen is remembered and celebrated in Iranian Jewish culture.

A Female Mohel? Meet Mohelet Lucy Waldman

Waldman was encouraged by her rabbi to get certified.

Create a Sacred Space at Home

Jewish traditions provide detailed instructions for building a temple. Transforming your home into a personal sactuary, however, can be open to many unique possibilities.

Rosh Hashana

Light After Dark

The High Holiday season reaffirms the Jewish belief that all individuals have the capacity to overcome adversity and transform their lives.

Rosh Hashanah

The Beauty of Tashlich

The ancient ceremony has surged in popularity as an inspirational, experiential, back-to-nature moment for looking inward and finding psychological release.

Rosh Hashana

Artist’s Work Features the Pomegranate

Platter takes center stage at Rosh Hashanah.


Online Confectionery Rolls Out Kosher Truffles

Not near Washington, D.C.? You can still try the handmade, kosher treats of Dear Coco.


Rediscovering Shabbat

In a high-speed world, more women are turning to Shabbat as a way to find meaning and peace for themselves and their families.



Bukharian Jews Share Their Food Traditions

In a part of Central Asia, the autumn harvest offers flavors for a sweet new year.



They Do, I Do

Six talented women share a goal to create hundreds of beautiful weddings.


our picks

Rosh Hashanah

New Look for the Honey Pot

The traditional honey jar has received a makeover at the hands of designer Jill Fagin of Jillery.

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Seder

A book from Calcutta-born singer, writer and storyteller Rahel Musleah shows us how to introduce this intriguing Sephardic tradition into our homes.

Rosh Hashanah

Drink Your Pomegranate

The fruit traditionally eaten as a new fruit at Rosh Hashanah has given birth to a tangy dessert wine.

Wise worDs

“If time were a necklace, holidays and birthdays would be its jewels, and the everyday would be the strands on which they rested. The special days would cast their luster forward and back, illuminating our daily lives.”
--Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin in The Tapestry of Jewish Time (Behrman House)


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