Spring 2013

  Say "Yes" to JWI
  Designing Women
  The Power of Good
  Earthly Pursuits
  The Landscape of Our Lives
  Choosing Sides
  Give and Take: Lois Frankel
  SnapShot: Jean Chatzky

Winter 2012

  Stirring Up Success
  7 Strategies for Mindful Holiday Giving
  Choosing Jewish
  Kugel Craving
  Give and Take: Lynn Povich
  SnapShot: Sally Oren

Fall 2012

  10 Women to Watch in 5773
  Own Your Power
  Tapestry of Taste: Savoring the Flavors of the Silk Road
  How to Spiritually Prepare for the New Year
  Give and Take: Laurel Bellows
  SnapShot: Rachel Dratch

Spring 2012

  They Do, I Do
  Good Enough
  Seder Rethinking
  Memorable Matzoh Balls
  Give and Take: An Interview with Gloria Feldt
  SnapShot: Deb Perelman

Winter 2011

  Dollars & Sense
  Lasting Love
  Miracle Oil
  Havdalah: A Ritual for Our Time
   Give and Take: An Interview with Hannah Rosenthal
  SnapShot: Yael Naïm

Fall 2011

  Women to Watch in 5772
  Memorable Meatballs
  Objects d'Heart
  (Not Your Mom's) Hebrew School
  Give and Take: Taking a Stand Against the Princess Culture (Peggy Orenstein)
  SnapShot: Gail Simmons

Spring 2011

  Love Experts
  Emergent Judaism
  Passover Desserts Reimagined
  Jewish Mourning: You Are Not Alone
  Give and Take: Taking a Stand Against the Princess Culture (Peggy Orenstein)
  SnapShot: Gail Simmons

Winter 2010

    Beauty Queens
    Bye Bye Boobies
    Majoring in Judaism
    Eating Her Way Through Jewish France
    Give and Take: Awakening to Life's Meaning and Purpose (Naomi Levy)
    SnapShot: Slone Crosley

Fall 2010

   10 Women to Watch in 5771
    Mangia! Mangia! (Jewish-Style)
    Tooting Their Own Horn
    Women Committed to Care
    Give and Take: Reinventing the Ritual Bath (Aliza Kline)
    Snapshot: Joy Bauer

Spring 2010

    When Moms Are Warriors
    Catharsis in the Kitchen: Eight Ways to Prepare for Passover
    Chick Lit Spreads Its Wings
    Vegetarian Fare Fit for a Seder
    Give and Take: Thinking Intentionally About Jewish Leadership (Erica Brown)
    Snapshot: Dr. Anne Schuchat

Winter 2009

    Just Don't Give Up
    Putting Shame Behind Us
    Virtually Jewish
    Where Cholent is Chic
    Give and Take:An Insider's Look at the Matchmaking Business (Joanne Ward)
    Snapshot: Mayim Bialik

Fall 2009

    10 Women to Watch in 5770
    Fast Food
    Out of the House and Into the Sukkah
    The Book of Yes
    Give and Take: Rebuilding After Financial Collapse (Karen Weinreb)
    Snapshot: Ayelet Waldman

Spring 2009


    D.I.Y. Seder
    Down to Earth
    Guava + Cream Cheese on Matzo and other Forays Into Latin-Jewish Cuisine
    Give and Take:  An Inside Look at a Military Family (Alison Buckholtz)
    Snapshot: Carol Leifer

Winter 2008    

    A New Spin on Chanukah
    8 Great Cooks, 8 Easy Nights
    Life Through a Lens
    Life Lessons:  Coaching our daughters to get smart about money   
    Give and Take:  Conquering Weight Anxiety (Valerie Frankel)
    Snapshot:  Rain Pryor

Fall 2008    

    10 Women to Watch in 5769
    Sharon E. Friedman Honored with Community Leader Award
    A Tangy Tradition
    Guides for the Perplexed
    Awakening to the Light
    Give and Take: Speaking Out for Social Justice (Margie Klein)
    Snapshot: Julie Greenwald

Summer 2008    

    Head of the Class
    The Art of Marriage
    Poses for the Soul
    Fired Up!
    Give and Take: Mother-Daughter Relationships (Deborah Carr)
    Snapshot: Lisa Lillien

Spring 2008    

    Gender Politics
    The Taste of Memory
    A Place at the Table
    People Are Talking
    Give and Take: Raising Daring--and Confident--Girls (Miriam Peskowitz)    
    Snapshot:  Simone Dinnerstein

Winter 2007    


    Minding Her Own Business   
    Embellishing Memories
    One People, Many Faces
    Not by Bread Alone  
    Give and Take:  Paying Attention to Our Hearts (Kathy Kastan)
    Snapshot:  Lisa Edelstein

Fall 2007    

    10 Women to Watch in 5768 
    Vivian G. Bass to Receive 2007 Community Leadership Award
    A Modern Jewish Mom's Manifesto
    Finding Our Way
    A Whiff of Cardamon, a Dash of Curry  
    Give and Take:  Challenging the Cult of the Bad Girl (Wendy Shalit)
    Snapshot:  Danielle Harris

Summer 2007    

    Rock On
    Naked Truth
    Grace, Dignity, Humility, Compassion
    A Slice of Heaven   
    Give and Take: Community in the Wake of a Tragedy (Sue & Samantha Kurtz)
    Snapshot: Iris Rainer Dart

Spring 2007    

    A Telling Experience
    Getting Away
    Meal Plan
    Hidden From View  
    Give and Take: Exploring the Seder and Social Justice (Rabbi Marla Feldman)
    Snapshot:  Gabrielle Giffords

Winter 2006 

    The Business of BLING
    The Power of One
    Consuming Chanukah
    Cookie Comfort
    Snapshot: Daryn Kagan 

Fall 2006    

    10 Women to Watch in 5767
    4 Israeli Women of Note
    Rabbi Susan N. Shankman to Receive Community Leadership Award   
    Getting Intimate with Money
    Finding the Words
    Spice of Life  
    Give and Take: Nice is the Best Policy (Linda Kaplan Thaler)  
    Snapshot: Nora Ephron

Summer 2006    

    Vintage Women
    Lean on Me
    Guilty Girls
    A Smokin' Love Affair    
    Give and Take: Girls & Body Satisfaction (Catherine Steiner-Adair)  
    Snapshot:  Ellie Krieger

Spring 2006    

    (Working) Relationship
    The Roads Less Taken
    4 Questions and Beyond
    Not Gone With the Wind  
    Give and Take: Repairing Our Relationship with Mom (Iris Krasnow)
    Snapshot: Barbara Boxer

Winter 2005    

    Obsessed With Chocolate
    Get Happy
    Knit Happens
    The Science of Success   
    Give and Take: Interfaith Families & Winter Holidays (Sylvia Barack Fishman)
    Snapshot: Arlene Blum   

Fall 2005    

    10 Women to Watch in 5766   
    Rosalyn Levy Jonas to Receive JWI Community Leadership Award
    Sacred Space
    Healthy Feasting
    Back to (Day) School   
    Give and Take:  Deepening the High Holiday Experience (Karyn Kedar)
    Snapshot:  Andrea Mitchell

Summer 2005    

    Fertile Ground
    Pickled Perfection
    Ancient Voices, Modern Wisdom
    Rifts and Receptions
    Give and Take: Women Taking Care of Their Health (Judy Norsigian)
    Snapshot: Judy Kaye

Spring 2005    

    Tooled for Success
    Dangerous Liaisons
    Extreme Tikkun Olam
    Making This Night Different  
    Give and Take:  Women's Right to Choose (Gloria Feldt) 
    Snapshot: Bobbi Brown

Winter 2004    

    A Woman's Place
    Kneading Tradition
    Steeped in Strength    
    Give and Take: Confidence for Positive Outcomes (Rosabeth Moss Kanter)   
    Snapshot: Susan Isaacs

Fall 2004    

    Women to Watch in 5765   
    JWI Community Leadership Award Recipient Julie Bender Silver
    For Every Food There Is a Season
    A Growing Relationship   
    Give and Take:  Insights on Leadership (Barbara Balser)     
    Snapshot: Suze Orman

Summer 2004    

    Meet the Sexperts
    A True Calling
    No-Sweat Summer Cooking
    Jewish Geography  
    Give and Take: When Your Daughter Falls for Mr. Wrong (Ellen Zelda Kessner)
    Snapshot:  Rebecca Weinberg

Spring 2004    

    Funny Girls
    Five-Star Seder
    Mainstream Mysticism
    From Boys to Mensches   
    Give and Take:  Creating New Seder Traditions (Rabbi Alan Kay and Jo Kay)  
    Snapshot:  Linda Fairstein

Winter 2003    

    A Breed Apart
    Comforting Stews
    Connecting to the Light 
    Give and Take:  Contemporary Charity, with Rambam's Guide (Julie Salamon)
    Snapshot:  Tovah Feldshuh

Fall 2003    

    Women to Watch in 5764   
    A Recipe from Memory
    A Day to Bare Our Souls--and Find Ourselves
    Romancing the Dollar  
    Give and Take: SuEllen Fried has a no-tolerance policy for bullies      
    Snapshot:  Muriel Siebert

Summer 2003    

    The Big Chill
    Looking for Love in All the Right Places
    Venus Envy  
    Give and Take:  Some thoughts from Letty Cottin Pogrebin   
    Snapshot:  Margo Lion

Spring 2003    

    Surviving Abuse
    Too Much on Your Plate
    Designing Women
    One Tough Cookie  
    Give and Take: Caring About the Environment (Dr. Devra Davis)    
    Snapshot: Liz Lerman

Winter 2002    

    The Pros Take On Chanukah
    Gems of Israel - Israeli Jewelry Online
    A Magical Pursuit
    Rediscovering Shabbat   
    Give and Take: Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is Improving Israel's Image   
    Snapshot: Alexandra Lebenthal

Fall 2002    

    10 Women to Watch in 5763 
    Baking Challah, Braid of Memory and Meaning
    The Dance of Forgiveness  
    Give and Take:  Sunny Fischer Talks About Women's Philanthropy  
    Snapshot: Rosalind Wiseman

Summer 2002    

    A Growing Passion
    Chuppahs of Hope
    Sephardic Salad Days    
    Give and Take:  Writer Anne Roiphe Ponders Marriage—and Why It Endures  
    Snapshot:  Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, AKA Gidget

Spring 2002    

    Renewing the Exodus
    Sacred Time, Sacred Space
    The Art of Delectable Passover Desserts  
    Give and Take:  Artist Mindy Weisel on Transforming a Legacy of Loss  
    Snapshot: Naomi Ragen

Winter 2001    

    Exploring Our Roots, Finding Ourselves
    The Art of Giving
    Women Keeping the Faith   
    Give and Take: Naomi Drew helping children cope with September 11   
    Snapshot: Ruth Reichl

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