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A Paean to the Power of the Family Dinner

"What should I make for dinner tonight?" In their gorgeous new cookbook, the Pollan family answers this question (and many more).


Jewish Love Advisor

JDate's Tamar Caspi has written a book to help single Jews navigate the path to finding "the one."


Preventing Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Claire Kaplan, UVA’s director of sexual and domestic violence services, speaks candidly about sexual assault prevention and the consequences of standing idly by.


How to Build Healthy Relationships With Your In-Laws

Mother-in-law telling you what to do again? Here are tips for overcoming hurdles and creating lasting bonds.


The Perfect Baby Gift

Parents can record their children’s milestones in this journal and celebrate being Jewish.


Taking a Stand Against Camp Bullies

Pointers to help children stop bullying at summer camp.


Getting to Know Grampa

How easy it is to forget our grandparents were young once, unique and full of life. For Father’s Day, a granddaughter reconsiders her grandfather’s life.


Putting Myself First

In this essay, excerpted from the new book, This I Believe on Motherhood, a domestic abuse survivor shares an insight that changes her life and helps her to become a good mom.


They Do, I Do

Six talented women share one goal: to create hundreds of beautiful weddings.


5 Tips for Marital Longevity

Writer Bethany Kandel interviewed marital experts and gathered the following tips to help couples build long and successful marriages.


Lasting Love

We talk to author Iris Krasnow and others about what it takes to stay together for the long haul and how marriage is revered in Jewish tradition.


The Whys of Kissing

The Science of Kissing by biologist and journalist Sheril Kirshenbaum explores one of the most natural yet complicated gestures in human behavior.


There's Still Time for Romance

Expert advice for the mature dater.


8 Rules of Long-Lasting Marriage

Marriage doesn’t come with a rulebook. But if it did, we’re sure it’d include these tips inspired by Iris Krasnow’s The Secret Lives of Wives.


Love Experts

Matchmaking has been reclaimed as a contemporary calling by a new generation of Jewish women.


Millionaire Matchmaker: Meet Patti Stanger

Third-generation matchmaker isn’t afraid to give clients brutal wake-up calls.


Looking for Love in All the Right Places

A change in our romantic luck often comes when we break out of our comfort zones, take stock of ourselves, and try something new.

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