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My Count My Cash Challenge

What happens when you tally all your spending at the end of each day.

Jewish and Black

In getting at the truth of her own complex heritage, filmmaker Lacey Schwartz captures the ethos of a generation juggling multiple identities.

Tapping the Waters of Wisdom

We spoke to women rabbis and religious leaders about finding spiritual nourishment in the High Holidays. Their answers are both personal and profound. 

Jill Klein with her father Gene

Before the Witnesses are Gone

The author of a book about her family's Holocaust experiences urges us to treasure every moment with the survivors who remain.

Bible Belt BalabustaHands-On Jewish Learning

From the midst of the Bible Belt comes a woman who believes that when parents and children undertake holiday craft projects together learning and fun ensue.  

Jill Soloway

Meet Jill Soloway

Multi-talented and direct, she’s committed to being authentic, feminist and unconventionally Jewish in Tinseltown. 

Inspired Music

Celebrate the power of love singer/songwriter Julie Geller's new song and video, "One Day"

Beautiful Bach from Simone Dinnerstein

JWI Skyview Chapter President Ella Effros Continues to Lead at 96

Effros is the oldest serving chapter president.


Children's Home Graduate Joins JHTC Directors

Tomer Bohadana graduated from the Children's Home and was an officer in the Israeli army during the Second Lebanon War.


Recent College Grads Share Tips for Landing a Job

Mentors, networking and flexibility are the keys to finding new opportunities.


Rock Band of Doctors Raise Awareness About Women’s Cancers

Gynecologic oncologists share stories through documentary and music.


An Urban Beekeeper

Berkeley, Calif.'s Alice Rosenthal found her calling in raising bees.


Collaboration is at the Heart of Artist’s Works

Projects include Torah covers, ark curtains, chuppahs and stained-glass windows.


Dormify Fills the Need for Stylish Dorm Décor

Online design company offers a fashion-forward approach.


Itinerary for Exploring Jewish Heritage in the U.S.

These historical gems and exhibits highlight the Jewish experience from New York City to Hollywood.


Own Your Power With New Ways of Activism

As women, we have made giant strides, but now’s the time to own your power.


Preventing Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Claire Kaplan, UVA’s director of sexual and domestic violence services, speaks candidly about sexual assault prevention and the consequences of standing idly by.

Rosh Hashanah

How to Spiritually Prepare for the New Year

Elul, the month before Rosh Hashanah, is meant to be a time of study and self-reflections, growth and discovery. Here are seven ways to make it meaningful for you.


Exploring Jewish London

Two long-standing friends collaborate on a comprehensive guidebook that presents the broad sweep of London’s history and culture, refracted through a Jewish prism.

Successful Women

Q&A: Laurel Bellows, American Bar Association President

The largest voluntary professional association’s leader explains why she’s making combating human trafficking the priority of her administration.


Women and Their Shoes

First-time author Rachelle Bergstein loves shoes, so writing a book about the history of women and their footwear was a natural fit.


A Woman’s Guide to Reducing Stress

With the pressure to excel, many women feel they must strive for and achieve perfection. There is a way to making peace by reevaluating what is truly important.


A Jewish Take on the Pursuit of Perfection

Judaism takes an ambitious view on striving for excellence and perfection. While women can feel overwhelmed by this goal, Shabbat could be the answer.


Closet Rx

Today’s Jill Martin joins with stylist Dana Ravich to offer step-by-step guidance in decluttering our closets and defining personal style.


Expert Help for Your Hands

Top hand model Ellen Sirot creates products to help us all keep our hands looking their best—even in winter weather.



Objects d’heart

Though our society encourages us to reduce, reuse or recycle, the precious objects we keep can help ground us and strengthen our identities.


Filmmaker Takes Aim at High-Pressure Educational Tactics

Vicki Abele's daughter’s school experience transformed her into a first-time filmmaker.


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