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Now Read This

If you need a refresher course in understanding the reason why preserving access to abortion is good for women, Katha Pollitt’s book is essential reading.

Developing the Gratitude Habit

Saying “Shehechiyanu” at the start of a holiday is only one way to express thanks for life’s many gifts.

Hard to Tell Stories, Beautifully Told

Three picture books introduce children to the Holocaust with sensitivity and restraint.

Entrepreneur Linda Rottenberg: A Pep Talk from a Risk-Taker

If you’ve ever fantasized about starting your own business or even if you haven’t, Linda Rottenberg’s new book is an essential—and inspiring—read.

Legal Basics Every Woman Needs

TV legal analyst Lisa Green’s new book shows how the law can be a way to improve our lives and protect those we care about.

Spring Reads

A serving of the season’s newest lit

Jewish Ghost Story

The spirit of Hannah Nordhaus’s great-great-grandmother Julia is said to walk the halls of the famed La Posada hotel in Santa Fe. The writer set out to untangle truth from the legend that surrounds this woman who emigrated to the American West as a young bride.

A Self-Made Woman

Two books offer glimpses of iconic cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein.

Disabled but not Disadvantaged

Susan Sygall’s optimism and resilience carry the day in a life spent as an activist and world traveler.

From the Red Tent to the Tenement

Anita Diamant’s new novel looks at friendship and feminism in the early 1900s

Inspired Children’s Books that Even Parents Will Enjoy

In the New Year, make time to enjoy a gorgeous new picture book with a child you love.

8 Great Fall Reads

What's on our shelves this season.

Author Profiles
All I Love and Know

In Judith Frank’s beautifully crafted new novel, a family navigates the aftereffects of a terrorist bombing at a Jerusalem café. 

Our Picks
High Holiday Companion

A new book from a respected poet helps us find meaning in a sacred season.

Jewish Daughters and Mothers Who Love Them

Real stories about the adoring, overbearing, advice-giving, hilarious, yet unquestionably unique woman we call mom.

Enhancing Your Scarf I.Q.

A delightful new guide brings new life to scarves by demonstrating their infinite potential for adding style and interest to even the simplest outfits.

Jill Klein with her father GeneBefore the Witnesses are Gone

The author of a book about her family's Holocaust experiences urges us to treasure every moment with the survivors who remain.

The Books that Bloom in the Spring

Get ready to read. The rebirth of the natural world coincides with an abundant and varied crop of new books by Jewish women writers.

Jewish Love Advisor

JDate's Tamar Caspi has written a book to help single Jews navigate the path to finding "the one."

Winter Reads

A collection of Nora Ephron's writing is only one of our suggestions to keep you reading all winter long.

Books to Add to Your Fall Reading List

Fictional story about Anne Frank’s sister is among the unexpected reads.

The Story of a Jewish Woman of the West

Author Ann Kirschner explores the life of Wyatt Earp’s wife.

The Shema and the Mezuzah

Award-winning author shares important message with children.



Young Readers’ Author Shares A Holocaust Story

Beyond Courageincludes 21 accounts about Jewish Resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe.


The Perfect Baby Gift

Parents can record their children’s milestones in this journal and celebrate being Jewish.

Our Picks
A Tool for Exploring Judaism Basics

Need a refresher on the rituals? This book outlines the values and traditions that can make daily life and synagogue more meaningful.


Meet First-Time Novelist Francesca Segal

The author of the new novel, The Innocents, gives credit to two inspirations: novelist Edith Wharton and her late father, Erich, the novelist behind Love Story.


Women and Their Shoes

First-time author Rachelle Bergstein loves shoes, so writing a book about the history of women and their footwear was a natural fit.

Finding Her Voice

A father and his non-verbal, autistic daughter track her evolution from "victim to spokesperson" in an inspiring new book.

Jewish Women on the Case

If you’re in search of good summer reads, you may want to sleuth out mysteries written by Jewish women.

Bold Women, Life-Altering Choices

This season, bold, intelligent women of courage take center stage in a number of new books—biography, fiction and memoir. These are stories written by and about large-hearted women who’ve had to make tough decisions, often with life-altering implications.


An Imbecilic Yiddish Vocabulary List

You you can tell a lot about a language—and about what’s important to its speakers—by picking apart the vocabulary. Yiddish has a hundred ways to say imbecile.

Author Profiles
A Young Woman’s Journey into the World of Diamonds

We talk to Alicia Oltuski about what she learned about the secretive world of diamonds while writing her popular book, Precious Objects.

Author Profiles
Travel Tips from an Expert: Pauline Frommer

How to search for good fares and other advice from the author of her own series of guides on budget travel.

Fancy Nancy Illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser

If you have children, grandkids, or other small people in your life, surely you are acquainted with Fancy Nancy. Meet illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser first brought Jane O’Connor’s best-selling stories to life with the original Fancy Nancy in 2005.

Author Profiles
The Language of Love: Reclaiming Words After a Stroke

As her husband’s caregiver following his stroke, writer Diane Ackerman moves beyond conventional therapy and helps him recover his language. She tells their story in One Hundred Names for Love.

Author Profiles

Becoming a Better Jewish Leader

In her book, Inspired Jewish Leadership, Erica Brown looks at how we can build stronger leaders—and communities.


Joy Bauer

Discovering our path to healthy living, with a little help from Joy.


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