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The Woman who Loved Vegetables

A long-lost cookbook captures the life and recipes of Fania Lewando, Vilna’s vegetarian devotee

The New Passover Menu book coverReimagining the Seder Menu

Paula Shoyer’s pursuit of kosher creativity has inspired an enticing new Passover cookbook.

Sweet, Chewy and Delicious

Marcy Goldman’s Caramel Matzoh Crunch is so good that, to many, it’s become a new tradition and an essential snack during Passover.

Marvelous Macarons

Whether glamorous or homey (and you spell them them with one “o” or two), these confections are naturally gluten-free and ideal for Passover – or any time a craving strikes you.

A Passionate Baker

The Baking Bible cover

Rose Levy Beranbaum didn’t taste a scratch cake until she was 17, but she’s made up for lost time by dedicating her life to creating recipes that show us all how to achieve baking perfection.

A Delicious Minyan

10 gorgeous new cookbooks to give or enjoy.

This Etrog Packs a Punch

A California couple’s artisanal etrog liqueur is garnering raves for its exotic flavor and potential as a cocktail mixer.

A Paean to the Power of the Family Dinner

"What should I make for dinner tonight?" In their gorgeous new cookbook, the Pollan family answers this question (and many more).

Road to Jewish Morocco

The interplay of spices, colors, and flavors lends an allure to a Jewish cuisine that is esteemed from Fez to Brooklyn to Tel Aviv.

The Moroccan Pantry

From the zing of preserved lemons to the delights of feathery couscous, here are some of the distinctive ingredients and techniques that add magic to Moroccan cuisine.

A Quartet of After-the-Seder Chicken Ideas

While a lot of energy and planning goes into Seder repasts, there are still multiple meals remaining in the eight-day holiday. Here are some flavorful possibilities to explore during Passover and beyond.

Well-traveled chickenThe Well-Traveled Chicken

The many iterations of a Seder staple. 

The Secrets of Seder-Worthy Chicken

With planning and savvy, you can serve fabulous chicken dishes at your family’s Passover gathering. 

Chocolate SensationTruffles

Indulge your beloved on Valentine’s Day with help from the First Lady of Chocolate, Alice Medrich.

Kosher Recipes Get an Inventive Update by Modern Cooks

A new generation of women is bringing a distinctive personality and creative panache to Jewish cooking.

New Israeli Cuisine

From markets to restaurants, explore the fresh, local and inventive flavors of an ever-evolving food scene.

Tribes-A-Dozen Brings Home the Challah

All-natural mixes are nostalgic, easy to make.

Award-winning Author Releases New Vegetarian Cookbook

Mollie Katzen introduces updated and delicious recipes.

Deb Perelman, Creator of SmittenKitchen.com

Deb Perelman chats with us about her new cook book and acclaimed cooking blog which has recently received top honors from Time.

Recipes that Happen to be Vegan

Doron Petersan founded Sticky Fingers, a famed D.C. vegan bakery, and won Cupcake Wars without using butter or cream. Now she has written a cookbook in which she shares her secrets to creating delectable vegan treats

The Transformation of Jewish Cooking

Follow these cookbook authors as they take us on a journey from classic dishes to a new and mouth-watering collection of recipes.

Bukharian Jews Share Their Food Traditions

In a part of Central Asia, the autumn harvest offers flavors for a sweet new year.

Online Confectionery Rolls Out Kosher Truffles

Not near Washington, D.C.? You can still try the handmade, kosher treats of Dear Coco.

Top Chef Alum Serves Up Grilling Tip and More

Spike Mendelsohn has set up shop amid the foodie culture in Washington, D.C., but he hasn’t forgotten his heritage and where he came from.

Eat. Write. Travel. Cook.

In her new book, Gail Simmons charts her rise from Jewish girl from Toronto who loved food to someone who built a stellar career doing what she loved most.






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