Healthy Relationships and Abuse Prevention

JWI has created a number of age-specific programs to help young people build self-esteem and healthy relationships and prevent dating abuse – now, and for the rest of their lives. Girls and boys, 12-year-old tweens and college seniors, students, campers and members of youth groups alike can examine and talk openly about the dynamics of their social lives in a Jewish context.

Our Strong Girls! and Good Guys! programs guide groups of 12-14-year-old girls and boys through some of the issues they face today and issues that are on the social horizon. Boys explore power and control, gender, self-esteem, masculinity and relationships, while girls consider dating and friendships, pressures, insecurities, goals and aspirations. The sibling programs equip Jewish tweens to make healthy relationship choices and surround themselves with strong support systems.

The Strong Girls, Healthy Relationships curriculum gives Jewish teen girls a safe place to talk about dating and friendships, their concerns and anxieties, the pressures they face, and the pervasive messages they receive from friends, family, the media and pop culture about who they should be.  

When Push Comes to Shove…It’s No Longer Love!® teaches teens, young adults and college students about unhealthy and abusive relationships, through a combination of interactive exercises, guided discussions, text studies, and a short film featuring young survivors of abuse.

Through a generous grant from the Avon Foundation, JWI developed Dating Abuse: Tools for Talking to Teensto empower adults to have meaningful conversations and interventions with young people on teen dating abuse. We’re helping adults understand teen dating abuse, identify the signs and have effective conversations with teens of different ages. Learn more at



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