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Chai Kids Debuts 2 Passover Games

Matching game and puzzle are new for children at the Seder table.

By Sue Tomchin
Spring 2013

Keeping children engaged during Seder is an annual challenge for families. Two new products from Chai Kids can add to your arsenal of plastic frogs and children’s Haggadahs. The Passover Seder Matching Game ($12.95) does double duty as a game and an educational aid. The cards feature 48 brightly hued cards (24 matching pairs) highlighting elements of the Passover story and the Seder. They are fun to match or to use as a creative storytelling device. “You could hand each guest a card so that everyone can contribute to the telling of the Passover story,” says Libby Minsky of Chai Kids. The game is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Also new this year is Passover Puzzle A Round ($12.95), a 140-piece round puzzle of a Seder plate, suitable for ages 8 and up. Thirteen inches in diameter, the puzzle is great as an afikomen gift or as a way to keep children busy while you prepare the Seder meal.

Find out more at chaikids.com or call 888-242-4543.

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