Jewish Women International (JWI) has always been an unwavering voice for women’s comprehensive reproductive health services, including sex education, family planning, contraception, and abortion services. Access to reproductive health information and services builds a foundation for healthier families and communities, reduces maternal and infant mortality and improves the health of women and their families.

Forty years after the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion nationwide, we continue to fight for a woman’s right to choose. Women’s reproductive rights are under attack at the federal level and in state legislatures across our nation and JWI is committed to fighting these attacks on a national level. Our organization believes and has always believed that women deserve to be able to make private health decisions according to the dictates of their own faith and conscience. 


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Cosmo is Not a Substitute for Sex-Ed

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PRESS JWI Releases Statement on Obama Administration’s Birth Control Coverage Announcement

PRESS JWI Applauds Obama Administration’s Decision to Uphold Contraceptive Coverage for Women 

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