JWI works to improve the lives of women and girls by advocating for legislation and public policies that strengthen women’s safety, health and economic security.

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Violence Against Women in the United States

JWI is at the forefront advocating for a comprehensive response to domestic and sexual violence, which affects women in all communities throughout the U.S. Find out more about the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization and how you can take action today.

  International Violence Against Women

Violence against women affects one in three women worldwide. Learn about gender-based violence on a global scale and the steps that the U.S. government is taking and can take to address this epidemic.

Women's Health

JWI has worked for decades to ensure that women have access to quality, comprehensive reproductive health services, from abortion services to contraception to family planning, which strengthens the health of women and families. Learn more about JWI’s position and current threats to women’s reproductive health care.

Gun Violence Prevention

JWI strongly supports common-sense measures to address gun violence, which takes a harsh and often lethal toll on victims of domestic violence. Learn about this intersection and take action with JWI against gun violence.

Economic Security

Women of all ages face serious challenges to their economic stability, from student loan debt to pay discrimination to threats to Social Security. Learn about these issues and how you can take action to ensure women’s long-term economic well-being.

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