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Changing Course main image Changing Course
More and more women are discovering that where their careers start may not be where they end up. 
A Necessary Awareness main image A Necessary Awareness
Recognizing the truth about human trafficking.
Finances After 50 main image Finances After 50
Money Mentor Jill Schlesinger advises women about preparing financially for the rest of their lives.
Pollan Family main image Reinvigorating the Family Dinner
The Pollans’ new book inspires us to come back to the kitchen and the dinner table.


JWI BlogJewish Women International blog!
Updates on JWI's innovative programs, advocacy and philanthropic initiatives

Living Jewish with Meredith JacobsLiving Jewish with Meredith Jacobs blog!
One woman's encounter with a 3,000-year-old tradition

Beyond Brisket with Jayne CohenBeyond Brisket with Jayne Cohen blog!
A new cookbook proves eating Jewishly is part of a joyous lifestyle


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Creature Comfort
Rescuing animals is only the beginning for the women behind these innovative and compassionate programs. 
Creature Comfort
Enough is Enough
Fewer and fewer campus rapes are being swept under the rug – or beneath the quad – thanks to brave young women and prevention programs that work
Enough is Enough - ending campus rape
Jewish and Black
In getting at the truth of her own complex heritage, filmmaker Lacey Schwartz captures the ethos of a generation juggling multiple identities

Lacey Schwartz on being Jewish and black
Marvelous Macarons
Whether glamorous or homey (and you spell them with one "o" or two), these confections are naturally gluten-free and ideal for Passover - or any time a craving strikes.
Fish in Sunlight Sauce
A beautiful golden tint, derived from turmeric and saffron, make for perfect fish.
Fish in Sunshine Sauce main image
Tapping the Waters of Wisdom
Women rabbis and religious leaders share profound—and personal—insights about finding spiritual nourishment. 
Waters of Wisdom main image
The Tastes of Jewish Morocco
The interplay of spices, colors, and flavors lends an allure to a Jewish cuisine that is admired from Fez to Paris to Tel Aviv. 
Morocco main image
8 Great New Reads 
From Judith Frank’s All I Love and Know to Nomi Eve’s Henna House, what’s on our shelf this season. 
Books for fall main image

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